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The history of portable satellite radio is short compared to traditional terrestrial radio, but it has rapidly changed the face of radio listening like no other technology in recent memory. The two major satellite radio services, XM Satellite Radio and SIRIUS Satellite Radio, offer a stunning array of programming.

Their popularity has stunned many in the radio industry and some industry veterans worry about the future viability of traditional broadcast radio.

Digital Audio Radio Service (DARS) was established by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) USA, in 1992 by establishing certain segments of radio frequency for satellite broadcast on radio.

WorldSpace broadcasts satellite audio and multimedia content to Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Europe. Founded in 1990, WorldSpace conceived of and built the first ever satellite radio infrastructure in the world. Today, the WorldSpace satellite network consists of two geostationary satellites: AfriStarâ„¢ and AsiaStarâ„¢. Each satellite broadcasts three beams capable of delivering more than 80 crystal clear audio and multimedia channels directly to portable receivers and personal computer adapters.

How it Works

  • WorldSpace coverage primarily covers parts of Asia, Africa, Europe, and South America. Each company uses different satellite technology and methods to provide service in their respective areas.
  • The WorldSpace satellite network is comprised of two operational satellites that service three large geographic areas through three beams that are each capable of carrying up to 80 channels.
  • Broadcasters and organizations can uplink their content through a centralized hub site or an individual feeder link station. The satellite then transmits the signal received from the uplink, to any combination of the three downlink beams.
  • The music, news, talk, religious, sports, education etc, are recorded digitally in a studio, after which the message is encoded. The encoded signal is sent to the satellites from ground stations. The satellites then relay the signal to the receivers in your car or at home. The receivers contain chipsets that decode the signal and play it through your stereo.
  • Satellite radio technology looks like it's here to stay. It is ideal for those that live in areas where normal radio reception is poor, or for those willing to pay a little each month to not have to listen to commercials. Chances are good that soon every new car you buy will have satellite radio installed, and that more and more homes will be equipped for it.
  • You will be able to listen WorldSpace Satellite Radio on your mobile phones and via receivers installed in your cars.

Services Description

  • WorldSpace provides unique audio, multimedia and data casting solutions to consumers and businesses in Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Western Europe. Through a proven subscription based consumer business model, the proprietary WorldSpace technologies allow a powerful array of satellite delivered services.
  • With WorldSpace's focus already on providing satellite radio and data casting services to those in emerging markets, the WorldSpace Global Data Solutions was created as a business unit to meet the needs of a growing government marketplace.
  • The services involve enabling the content's direct delivery of popular channels / live audio from WorldSpace through Satellite Receivers.

Channel NameCategoryLanguageCode

  • 1. Orbit Rock Classic Rock.. English 176
  • 2. Upop Global Pop.. English 29
  • 3. Maestro TraditionalClassi.. English 224
  • 4. RIFF Jazz.. English 222
  • 5. Flava Hip-Hop.. English 204
  • 6. Up Country Country Music.. English 197
  • 7. The Hop Oldies.. English 178
  • 8. Radio Amore Love Songs.. English 13
  • 9. The System International Danc.. English 202
  • 10. BOB Global Rock.. English 177
  • 11. Radio Voyager Pop.. English 11
  • 12. Top 40 on 40 Pop-Top 40 Hits.. English 40
  • New
  • 13. CNN IBN Indian News.. Hindi 340
  • 14. BBC Global News Global News.. English 302
  • 15. World Radio Network1 US News.. English 305
  • 16. NPR II US News.. English 301
  • 17. CNN International I Global News.. English 300
  • 18. BBC Asia West News.. English 342
  • 19. Bloomberg Radio (Asia) Financial News.. English 304
  • 20. CNBC TV 18 Indian News.. English 341
  • International Music
  • 21. Spin Pop Music.. English 44
  • General Entertainment
  • 22. Preview Channel Preview.. English 1
  • 23. SEASIADV (Old Relief & M) Test.. English 1085
  • 24. Radio France Internation General Entertainm.. French 328
  • 25. Sarvodya (GDS) Test.. English 950
  • Sport
  • 26. Play Indian Sports.. English 520
  • 27. Punch Line Western Comedy.. English 700
  • LifeStyle
  • 28. Asia Development Educational.. French 1307
  • 29. Moksha Spiritual.. Hindi 602
  • 30. Art of Living LifeStyle & Health.. English 604
  • 31. Sai Global Harmony Bhajans & Meditati.. English 621
  • Asian Music

  • 32. Umang Gujrati Regional.. Gujrati 111
  • 33. Mahalakshmi Tamil Music.. Tamil 105
  • 34. Jhaankar Hindi Film Hits.. Hindi 46
  • 35. Madhuri Malayalam Music.. Malayalam 103
  • 36. Sonar Bengali Music.. Bengali 104
  • 37. Sparsha Kannada Music.. Kannada 106
  • 38. Spandana Telugu Music.. Telugu 107
  • 39. Tunak Music from Punjab.. Punjabi 108
  • 40. Surabhi Marati Regional.. Marati 110
  • 41. Sruti Karnatic Classical.. Multilingual 232
  • 42. Gandharv (Media Kraft) Hindustani Classic.. Hindi 233
  • 43. Farishta Retro Film Music.. Hindi 45
  • 44. Retro Radio Hits from 80s & 90.. English 80
  • 45. Falak Urdu.. Urdu 109