"Spin Buildings Technology" is the only proven rotating system technology for independently rotating each floor of a high rise building. Spin Buildings is a company focused on providing building technology that is both innovative and functional for the rapidly expanding world construction market.

A famous example is Suite Vollard in Curitiba, Brazil.
Suite Vollard is the first building in the world with independently rotating residences. It was born from an idea of creating a large but cozy and nature friendly living space for the 21st Century.

Spin Buildings

Choose your own view, at any time, during day or night in your home, your hotel or even your office with the Spin Buildings Technology. Hotels using Spin Technology hold an unparalleled marketing advantage. It is the future of Architecture.

  • You get the View
  • You get the Innovation
  • You get the Fun


We offer a variety of ways to take advantage of proven spinning technology. Spin Buildings owns the rights to the international patents denominated "Rotating System for Buildings in General".

  • Each Floor Rotates Separately
  • Buildings of the 21st Century
  • High Rise Spinning
  • Modern Living

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